Democritus, greek philosopher

“Courage is the beginning of an action, but chance is the master of the end”

Democritus, greek philosopher

about us

Tradition and trust.

Zetzsche GmbH was founded in 1953 by Albrecht H. Zetzsche in Hamburg. Wilhelm Lathus took control of the company in 1987 and operates under the name of Zetzsche & Co. GmbH. Horst Gierga has been the chief executive since the takeover.

about us

Over the last four decades Zetzsche & Co. GmbH grew into one of the biggest brokerage firms in the national and international farm agricultural market.

Based on our long-standing experience and knowledge of the industry, we provide plant-based oils, oil seeds, fats and organic fuel to leading trading houses.

The growth of our company is based on decades of knowledge, professionalism and trust. Communicating with our partners is key. Connect with us - we will handle your request with passion and dedication.

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Expertise and experience.

We focus on advancing your trading interests with success-oriented profesionalism and dedication. We provide optimum support and attend to all queries surrounding your trading projects.

Moreover, we offer our trading partners and associates the unforgettabe experience of visiting a Track Days race course. Company owner Wilhelm Lathus can give insight into the racing experience using his international sports car licence and the company owned Porsche GT3.

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Connect with us – we‘re here to help.

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